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Is Hydroseeding Right For Your Project?

Hydroseeding is the best method of planting lawn, but it is NOT the most cost effective for smaller areas. Our hydroseeder covers 8,000 – 10,000 Square Feet with a full load. Because a hydroseeder is a large piece of equipment that has to be filled with specialized material, fueled, maintained, transported to the jobsite and operated by an experienced employee, it is not often the most cost effective means of installing lawn. For most lawn repair work, the tried & true method of raking seed into rich topsoil and covering it with straw is still successful.

Of course, weather is also important to consider. Grass seed requires a balance of temperature, moisture and sunlight for the seed to germinate. The time of year can make all the difference. We prefer to plant grass in Spring or Fall when there is less risk of the soil drying out. Fall is often the safest time. If the weather turns early, the seed will stay dormant until Spring when conditions become favorable, again.

Pictured Below: The Ward's Hydroseeder


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