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General Landscape Construction

Though categorized as Construction, not every job requires detailed drawings and extensive planning. Some things we just know how to do and do well. Below are some ordinary tasks we do often.

Stump Remediation:

After a tree is removed, you're usually left with a hole in your lawn and bunch of wood chips. Stump Remediation services include:

  • Remove Stump Grindings

  • Fill hole with topsoil to level

  • Seed lawn

  • Cover with straw

  • Apply fertilizer

Lawn Patching:

If you have bare spots, ruts or uneven areas due to construction or demolition. Most lawn patching jobs include:

  • Asses cause of lawn damage

  • Remove any contaminated soil (if present)

  • Apply fresh topsoil, level with existing yard

  • Seed lawn

  • Cover with straw

  • Apply fertilizer

Patio Repair:

Over time, patios can begin to settle, slump and the jointing compound can wear away, allowing weeds to grow through. Patio Repairs can include:

  • Repair of settled base

  • Pressure washing

  • Polysanding

  • Full paver replacement

Stone Installation:

For a number of applications, stone laid over landscape fabric is a less-permanent, more cost-effective means of a foundation for many outdoor structures. Some things we can construct with stone are:

  • Shed Pad

  • Above-ground pool leveled sand base

  • Gravel Walkways

  • Step Stone Paths

  • Stone mulch


Lawn Renovation:

Sometimes, you just want to start over. After years without treatment, a lawn can end up unsightly with weeds dominating many areas. Typical full lawn renovations include:

  • Spray to kill existing vegetation

  • Apply fresh topsoil and fine grade

  • Hydroseed or Manual Seed

  • Apply two fertilizer treatments

  • Begin a turf fertilization program


Our machinery is small enough to fit in most yards, allowing us to tackle smaller, residential demolition jobs. We also utilize special planks to mitigate collateral damage in areas susceptible to ruts. Common small-scale demolition work includes:

  • Shrub removal

  • Concrete Pad Demolition

  • Fence Removal

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