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Patios & Walks

Brick pavers have been used for centuries and the construction methods between the roads of ancient Rome and our modern patios haven't changed much. Our modern advantage, however, is a multitude of companies manufacturing a wide variety of pavers in many different colors, textures and shapes. With so many choices available, the creative possibilities are endless. Decorative inlays, contrasting borders and sweeping walkways can turn your patio into a work of art. Brick paver patio construction has an advantage over a poured/stamped concrete patio in the overall life. Where a solid concrete pad has very little flex in our harsh freeze/thaw cycle, leaving unsightly cracks detracting from the illusion of being individual blocks with no good means of repair. Brick pavers on a gravel base have the ability to flex with frost heave but in the event a low spot develops over time, repair is the fairly simple task of picking up the bricks in the affected area and adding more base until level, again.

Age-old, proven construction methods will ensure the longevity of your investment.

Unilock Hardscape Products
Via Appia
Via Appia, built in 321 B.C.
Lampus Hardscape Products
Techo-Bloc Hardscape Products
Oberfields Hardscape Products
Paver Patio Installation Cross-Section
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